Who is behind this blog ?

Vina - a half-young age woman whose hobby is to eat, travel, read, swim (yeah..right). An easy going one - easy to be happy, easy to be sad, easy to laugh, easy to cry, easy to be asked to go anywhere - especially if there's a "culinary experience" in the agenda.

Likes to try new things, but just gets bored easily due to random mood swings. An ambivert who could talk non-stop for days together whenever she feels comfortable with someone, but actually will choose to spend her spare time alone (another excuse to say that one of her hobby is to sleep all day, if possible).

Has lots of dreams, but always down to earth and aware that life simply boils down to be happy without hurting any living things in the effort of reaching your goals, wishes, and better future.

Vino - a man of dark shade (well, literally) likes to code and learn new tech stuff whenever possible. A real nomad who doesn't like to stay in the same place (lets say, country) for a long period of time. Doesn't like the rat race at all. He thinks life is too short to be anything but happy.

A complete introvert who does not easily open up to people, but kinda smart and you can rely on him almost always; definitely for software and automation related items..and Indian food recipes.

His concept of life and world are much different than most people's. He made this blog as a part of his effort to share our alternate viewpoint. If you like the design of this blog or if you are interested in how to make the Indian chicken curry, this is the guy you need to talk to.

Us - we're a couple who met at random while traveling and we've been together for years already. Despite the ups and downs, we support one another in living a simple, slow and no pressure life.

"Sands of Time" is our project together - something that has been postponed for way too long because of so many factors (well, like most things in life get pushed out for no real reason until we notice and take action), but hey, we finally made it this far!

We invite you to see the world through the eyes of Vino and Vina. Enjoy!

Why this blog ?

Its just another weblog. We've had our fair share of life experiences and we thought why not log it somewhere. Who knows, it might be useful to someone somewhere in the world.

Actually, we've had this idea and intention long back. We've been procrastinating for years now on this and finally, we're happy we made it. Hopefully we'll post quality content consistently.

What to expect ?

We've been active internet users for so so long and we totally understand the frustations caused by clickbait titled articles, spam articles, duplicate/copied articles, ad-polluted websites, articles written purely for driving traffic, etc.

Overall, from us, you can definitely expect a humble and honest blog. We'll log in only what we've experienced first hand and keep the content precise and right on topic.

How is the website organized ?

Well, for most parts, this website should be intuitive and easy to navigate. Thats the intention, obviously.

We have 3 major categories and all blog posts should end up in one of these.

Countries, cities, flights, places to visit, place not to miss in this life time, etc. and related tips, reviews & experiences.
Life experiences, lessons, happiness, unfortunate moments, relationships, philosophy, psychology, etc.
Just about anything that missed the cut for the above two categories. Mostly random thoughts, ideas, views, opinions, etc.

Attribution (Open Source)

This website heavily depends on Open Source software.

Although their license doesn't mandate us giving credit back, we're grateful and we'd still like to mention them.

Attribution (Icons & Images)

The SVG images & icons used in the website are mostly borrowed from www.flaticon.com (Flaticon Basic License).

It is only fair that we credit back the artists who made them.