Stop Waiting for The Right Time

Stop Waiting for The Right Time

Posted On 31 Oct. 2019 byVirinaVirina

Last Updated On 16 Dec. 2019

One of those ingredients is seizing the moment.  Living every day to the fullest.

Do you have this same collection of thoughts in your mind?

  • My husband and I will go on more dates when the children are older
  • I'll be happy with my body when I lose 10 more pounds
  • I'll (go back to school, start that business, or do that other thing you've been dreaming of doing for yourself) when life slows down a bit

Waiting.  Waiting for the time to be right, for the body you want, for enough money, for a million other reasons. What it boils down to is waiting for later to give yourself permission to be happy.

What Are You Waiting For?

Start here...
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Living life on purpose means, in part, doing what brings you joy now instead of putting it off for a "better time".  Those "better times" are always based on what you *should* do instead of what you *desire* to do.  You should be at home spending time with your kids so you forego your relationship with your partner.  You should be thinner because the media has conditioned us to believe that so you hold yourself back in life because of the extra pounds. You shouldn't take time for yourself to pursue something you love because there are too many responsibilities right now to be so selfish.

You get to make the choice.  You can choose to live life holding back for "the right time" or "for good" as my friend's mother used to say.  Or you can choose to live life to the fullest every day.

So what are you waiting for? What can you do today to make 'someday' today?

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